Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today, I found the website for cenyc (Council on the Environment of New York City), while trying to find out if the Grand Army Plaza farmers market was still running this time of year.

They have a wonderfully informative website for the eco-concious New York City dweller. It covers topics like Farmers Markets, Green Living, Education, Recycling, etc.

MY favorite part of the site is the list "Chef's Who Buy", a list of restaurants that buy produce from local farmers (during harvest season). It inspired Justin and I to choose one restaurant off the list each month to visit. I think that our first visit is going to be to Rose Water in Park Slope. Since we are not eating out anymore this will provide our once a month restaurant dinner.

I also learned that I am over recycling. I've been recyc
ling anything plastic that is #1 or #2 but apparently NYC only recycles plastic bottles and jugs. Now this gives me a bigger push to make my own things like hummus that come in those little platic containers.

This is starting to make me think about last summer when we snabbed some treats off the Urban Farm at PS1 in Queens.

I picked some cherry tomatoes, but you could pick a Katie or a Justin.

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