Wednesday, March 04, 2009

GARDENS... made by guerrillas?

If you are going to get in trouble for trespassing it might as well be with a spade in one hand and a sunflower in the other.

Guerrilla Gardening started in New York in the 1970's at a garden between Bowery and Second Ave on Houston now known as the Liz Christy Community Garden
. The idea behind guerrilla gardening is to reclaim neglected land by rejuventating it through gardening.



One of my favorite ideas in guerrilla gardening are seed bombs. These allow a quick sneak attack to occur. Sometimes I imagine a similar result when I throw and apple core into neglected landscapes. Apparently these seed bombs often contain seeds as well as fertilizer which I guess I eat away with my apple cores.

Sometimes even gardeners get in trouble...

Gina Badger has some really interesting studies and installations of nature/landscape interventions and exhibitions. (I found this while searching for seed bomb photos)


Matt said...

i support this type of gardening. plant me some a tree that grows pizza please

Anonymous said...

I think gardens made by gorillas would be cool too