Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tree Hugger

I care about certain things. A lot of the things that I care about others do not so I don't push them. When I believe in something enough that it becomes an essential part of who I am I feel if it is something that they reject it is a rejection towards me. If I care about something enough and it is a part of me, then I should care for it as much as I would myself. The problem is that I am not caring towards it or me enough. Nurture one and the other will grow along with it. I believe in supporting a sustainable world, but I am not engaging myself in it to the point where failure or rejection can hurt me too much. Lose the fear and the idea that there even could be rejection and all the things holding me back with what I believe disappear. I should not be ashamed, the idea of being ashamed is ridiculous. If every project I do has to throw my beliefs in my peers faces it will. They can call me a hippie or a tree-hugger more than they already do... I do not feel that I have to prove them wrong, I feel that I have to make an impression in their minds. I am not here to prove anyone right or wrong, I just want to learn more about what I am passionate about. If my passion in 2005 comes back into someone's mind in 2020 because the time has pushed these beliefs more mainstream, I just hope they join me.

I am not sure if I ever hugged a tree, but would it be silly if I did?

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