Sunday, March 15, 2009

to the TEA

After giving up coffee about 6 months ago, I have been drinking a lot of tea. When I was a coffee drinker I felt tea didn't have enough taste to replace my addiction to coffee, but now I find myself really enjoying tea.

Around the same time that I had given up coffee I stopped drinking alcohol (temporarily) and we found ourselves at Sympathy for the Kettle on St Marks place on a Friday night.

This night was one of my favorite Friday nights. I could actually hear the conversation I was having with my friends, I didn't spend much money, and it was very relaxing. Might become a common thing for me.


Matt said...

hmm but did your tea give you a nasty hangover the next morning? didn't think so.

Katie said...

and did you really find what your friends were saying all that interesting? sometimes that drowned out thing is a really positive side effect.

KJ said...

i have a lot of interesting things to say so I hope you will take me there :)

Steve said...

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